Friday, May 4, 2012

Podcast #36

Here's podcast #36.

You have your choice of THREE ways to listen.
1. Download it from this safe Mediafire link.
2. Listen on Core Of Destruction Radio, streaming Tue at 9PM EST.

3. Listen on Podunk Radio, streaming, streaming Sun at 9 PM EST.

You can also find all episodes of the Punk Rock Record Party at Punk and while you are there, check out all the other shows.  Blogspot has changed a few things and I can't get the usual Divshare player to work right, but you can find it at

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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #36
Band    Song    From    Label    Year
Excrement Of War    Agony    Cathode Ray Coma CD    Finn Records    1994
Download it from this safe Mediafire link.
SET:  Patac Records (
Revilers    Tried and True    "Stand Or Fall" 7"    Patac Records    2009
Insult    Get Killed    Insult/Rampant Decay" 7"    Patac Records    2010
Rampant Decay    Pig Shit    Insult/Rampant Decay" 7"    Patac Records    2010
Kruds    Dead Bent    Kruds/Rampant Decay" 7"    Patac Records    2011
Executioner     Marked To Die    Fix Me" 7"    Patac Records    2010
Panzer Bastard    B.L.O.D.    Gods, Thugs And Madmen 10"    Patac Records    2011
Slimy Cunt And The Fist Fucks    I Don't Belong    Bastards 7"    Patac Records   

SET:  Great Scotts!
Alternative     Where Are Your Hiroshimas?    "If They Treat You..." LP    Corpus
Christi    1983
Sedition    Headfucked    Pink Turds In Space/Sedition LP    Flat Earth Records    1990
Disaffect     Consumer Brainwash    "Home of the Slave" 7"    Uneasy
Listening Records1993
Oi Polloi     Scum    "Resist The Atomic Menace" 7"    Endangered Musik    1986
Exploited     Army Life    "Army Life" 7"    Secret Records    1981

SET:  Great Danes!
Amdi Petersens Arme     De Hjernedodes Nat    S/T 7"    Kick N Punch    2001
Paragraf 119     Popkultur    "Musik Til Ulempe" 7"    Kick N Punch    2001
Splid Af Tid     Dead Cop    "Politikervold" 7"    Arg! Records    2006
War Of Destruction     Lob    S/T 7"    Span Records    1983
Enola Gay    Systemets Vold    V/A "Noget Pa Dansk" 7"    Boston Tea Party    1983

SET:  What The Hell does This Sound Like?
Tuomio     Tuska    S/T 7"    self released, no label    1989
Times Square Preachers     Lagg Av    "Nazis Raus" 7"    Your Own Jailer    1993
Theatre Of Hate     Legion    "Original Sin" 7"    SS Label    1980
Zenevski Dekret     Ubijam Te    "Necu Da Budem Dio Jebene" 7"    NE! Records    2007

SET:  Underrated bands
Jesters Of Chaos     Murder Of The Church    "S/T" 7"    Horton/Reflex    
Logical Nonsense     Mindless Profit    "Deadtime" LP    Very Small Records    1993
Maggot Sandwich     Puke    "Get Off The Stage" LP    KML Records    1987
Outpatients    Fight    V/A "Bands That Could Be God" LP    Conflict Records    1984
No Alternative     Rockabilly Rumble    "Backtracks" 7"    Subterranean Records    1981

SET:  Live Geriatric Unit in Berlin 2011
Geriatric Unit "Distance And Damage"
Geriatric Unit "Waste Line"
Geriatric Unit "Sold Out"

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