Friday, May 25, 2012

Podcast #39

Here's podcast #37

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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #39
Band    Song    From    Label    Year
Bellicose Minds     Walk Into Fire    "S/T" 7"    Whisper In Darkness    2011

SET:  Demo Tapes Records
A Touch Of Hysteria     To Cross The Rubicon    "S/T" 12"    Demo Tapes    2008
Mental     God For A Day    "Extended Play" LP    Demo Tapes    2008
Solvent Abuse     Heroin Girls    "S/T" LP    Demo Tapes    2008
Violent Uprising     This Attack    "4 Track" 12"    Demo Tapes    2008

SET:  Iron Curtain Era Punk
Dezerter    Spytaj Milicjanta    V/A "World Class Punk" tape    ROIR     1984
A-64    Moment    V/A "World Class Punk" tape    ROIR     1984
Novi Cvetya     Punk N Roll    "Punk Rock Made In Bulgaria 1979-95" CD    AON   
Tozibabe    Ko Boš Prišel    V/A "Hardcore Ljubljana" LP    FV Music    1985
Quod Massacre    QM    V/A "Breaking The Silence" 7"    Artcore Records    1986

SET:  It Came From A Compilation (Oi! Edition)
Tropa Suicida     Desordem Nacional    V/A "Ronda Alternativa" LP    Devil Discos    1988
4 Skins    1984    V/A "Strength Thru Oi!" LP    Decca Records    1981   
Red Alert    In Britain    V/A "Punk And Disorderly" LP    Posh Boy Records    1982
Abrassive Wheels    Vicious Circle    V/A "Punk And Disorderly:  Further Charges" LP    Sounds Interesting Records    1982

SET $1 Finds
Sekaannus    Suurin Hautausmaa    Sekaannus/Massacre 7"    self released, no label    1984
Massacre    Sa Uskot    Sekaannus/Massacre 7"    self released, no label    1984
Rattus     Keppia Ronadille    "Rajoitettu Ydinsota" 7"    Neg FX Records    1981
Avskum     Vem Har Gett Dom Rat Ten?    "Crucified By The System" 7"    self released, no label    1984
Rovsvett     Ni Kan Inte Fatta    "I Huvudrollerna" 7"    self released, no label    1985

SET:  California in the 70s
Black Randy And The Metro Squad     "I Slept In An Arcade"    "I Slept In An Arcade" 7"    Dangerhouse Records    1979
Dickies    Waterslide     "Nights in White Satin/Waterslide" 7"    A&M Records    1979
Germs     Forming    "Forming/Sex Boy" 7"    What? Records    1977
Flipper    Earthworm    V/A "S.F. Underground" 7"    Subterranean Records    1979
Shock     We Were That Noise     "We Were That Noise" 7"    Downtown    1978

Alternative TV     Why Don't You Do Me Right?    "The Image Has Cracked" LP    Deptford Fun City Records    1978

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