Friday, September 30, 2011

Podcast #5 (3 ways to listen)

Hi, everyone
Podcast #5 is all finished and as usual, you have a few ways to check it out.

1. Download it from this safe Mediafire link.

2. Hit PLAY on the Divshare player below:

3. Or tune in to Core Of Destruction Internet Radio, Tue 9PM EST. While you listen, join me in the chat room for play by play action and silliness.

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And now, here's the playlist for episode #5:
Band song title from label year
B-52's Rock Lobster "S/T" 7" Boo-Fant 1978

SET: I Don't MInd A Little Grind
Assuck Spiritual Manipulation "Anticapital" LP Sound Pollution 1992
Napalm Death Deceiver "Peel Sessions" 12" Strange Fruit 1987
Fear Of God Pneumatic Slaughter Discography CD EU '91 Produzione 2003 (1988)
Agathocles Thy Kingdom Won't Come Razor Sharp Daggers CD Cyber Music 1995
Anarchus Flowers To The Pigs "Final Fall of the Gods" 7" Rigid Records 1990

SET Slow Punkers
Flipper Sacrifice V/A "MRR Presents: Not So Quiet" 2XLP Alternative Tentacles 1982
Eddie and the Subtitles American Society "Fuck You, Eddie" 7" No Labels Records 1980
Teddy and the Frat Girls Club Night S/T 7" Decadent Fartface 1980

SET: Things I Have For Trade
Social Unrest Mental Breakdown Rat In A Maze LP Libertine Records 1982
Killing Children Boring Certain Death 7" Gravel Voice Records 1983
Social Distortion Telling Them Mommy's Little Monster LP 13th Floor Records 1982
Stains Get Revenge V/A "Blasting Concept" LP SST 1983
DOA Fucked Up Ronnie V/A "Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 1" LP Go! Records 1982

SET: Things I Got In Trade
Crash Kills Five Special School "What Do You Do At Night?' 7" no label 1980
Pagans Dead End America "Dead End America" 7" Drome Records/Treehouse 1979
Confuse Merciless Game "Spending Loud Night" 7" King's World Records 1987
Feederz Avon Lady "Jesus" 7" Placebo Records 1980
Mob Unity Lives On "Step Foward" 7" Mob Style Records 1983

SET: Random Demo Madness (Europe In The 80s)
Enola Gay Enola Gay demo 1984 (DENMARK)
Missbrukarna Slo, Slapp O Likgiltig demo 1983 (SWEDEN)
Toxoplasma Teenage demo 1983 (GERMANY)
Siekiera Rana Kluta demo 1984 (POLAND)
Anti-Cimex Krossa Nrp demo 1983 (SWEDEN)

SET : Live
Discharge Drunk With Power Lepakko, Finland April 25, 1983

Thanks for checking it out. I'll be back in a week with episode #6.
Bob Suren

Friday, September 23, 2011

Podcast #4 is right here.

Hello, Party Animals
Podcast #4 is ready for you now and it is a doozie.

As always, you have several ways to listen.

1. Just click this safe Mediafire link and it will download to your computer.

2. Hit play on the Divshare player below and it will start playing right here.

3. Listen on Core Of Destruction Internet Radio, streaming Tue 9PM EST at

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Please send vinyl and/or CDs to be played on the show to
Bob Suren
PO Box 3204
Brandon, FL 33509-3204

And now here is the play list for this week's show, Enjoy!
Band song title from label year
Subs Party Clothes Gimme Your Heart/Party Clothes 7" Stiff Records 1978

SET: What's New, Pussycat?
Slugz Fairy Tales Suit And Tie 7" Feel It Records 2011
Panzram Aborted Man A New Mental Disorder For Youth" 7" Drugged Conscience 2011
Murder-Suicide Pact I Respect You And All Of Your Body Parts demo
Church Whip Blind Goat Corpse Without Soul demo 2011
Feral Babies Feral Babies demo 2011

SET: Peruvian Hardcore
Ataque Frontal Sociedad En Decadencia S/T 7" New Wave Records 1986
Guerilla Urbana Sobrevivire demo" 1985?
Leusemia un Lugar S/T LP Lengua Armada Discos 2008 (1985)
G3 Siente El Cambio Un Nuevo Enemigo Lengua Armada Discos 2007 (1987)
Kaos Explosion Centro De Opresion 7" Sin Temores Records 2009 (1989)

SET: Things I Have For Trade
Generation X Shakin All Over "Valley Of The Dolls/Shakin'..." 7" Chrysalis Records 1979
Rich Kids Rich Kids/ S/T 7" E.M.I. Records 1978
Combat Wounded Veteran Eat More Blood Money S/T 7" Suppose...I Break Your Neck Records 1997
Gauze 39 Degrees Celcius Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte LP Prank Records 2008
Geza X Isotope Soap V/A "Let Them Eat Jellybeans" LP Alternative Tentacles/New Rose Records 1981/1984

SET: Italian Masters
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers 400 Fascists 400 Fascists 7" Cessophonia Records 1981
Negazione Noi Condannati A Morte 7" self released, no label 1985
Raw Power You Are The Victim Demo (Burning The Factory CD) self-releasd 1983 (1996)
Peggio Punx Scemo Disastro Sonoro 7" (V/A "Furious Years Of Italian Hardcore" CD) 1983
Declino Vita Negazione/Declino LP (tape) Children Of The Revolution 1986 (1984)

Dayglow Abortions Whiter Than Hitler 1982 demo 1982
Hino Mortal Generals 1982 Demo 1982
Young Identities (aus) Threats New Trends 7" 1979
Corruption Of Peace (Japan) I Won't Go Confusion LP 1985
Nagy Fero Bikini (Hungary) Ki csinál szódát Hova Lett LP / 1983

SET: A Super Sexy Surprise


Hey, everyone
It is Brandon, Florida's thirty-second PUNK ROCK RECORD SWAP!

SAT OCT 15, 12:00 noon - 3:00 PM
at Sadie Park 510 E. Sadie St., Brandon, FL, 33510

Bring out those doubles or the stuff you just don't listen to anymore and trade or sell it to your punk rock peers. Roll the video...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Podcast #3 -- come and get it, big boy...

Hello, punkers
Podcast #3 is all finished and ready to rock your ears.

As always, you have several ways to listen...

Click this safe Mediafire link for a quick download, saved to your computer.

Or hit the PLAY button on the DivShare player below

Or listen in streaming audio at Core Of Destruction Internet Radio, every Tues 9PM EST (8 PM CST). New show every week.

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And of course, I am always looking for new material to play on the show, so please send vinyl and CDs to:
Bob Suren
PO Box 3204
Brandon,FL 33509-3204

And now, here is the play list for Episode #3:
Band song title from label year
Frantix Dancing To Punk Discography CD Afterburner Records 2003 (1980)

SET 1: Here's Your Oi!, Bitch...
Garotes Podres Anarquia Oi! Mais Podres LP Rocker Produçeus 1986
Cobra Anamal Attack bootleg 7" bootleg ?
Nabat Lavoro Scenderemo Nelle Strade 7" C.A.S. Records 1982
Ocho Bolas Lautaro Rocanrol V/A "Oi! Rare and Exotica" LP bootleg 1999 (1996)
New Roteeka Drinkin Boys V/A "Oi! Of Japan Vol 1" LP AA Records 1985

SET 2: 2010 Still Kinda New...
Off! Upside Down First Four EPs 4x7" box set Vice Records 2010
Holy Mountain We Must Kill Here Is No Exit" 12" picture disc No Idea Records 2010
Psycho Animal 4 Song Buzzsaw disc 6" Patac Records 2010
Reason Of Insanity Our Brand Of Mischief Violence" 10" Torture Garden 2010
Double Negative Emergency Room Daydream Nation" LP Sorry State Records 2010

SET 3: Powerviolence Will Never, Ever, Ever, Die, Dude
Band song title from label year
No Comment Push Down And Turn Downsided" 7" Slap A Ham Records 1993
Man Is The Bastard (Charred Remains) No Concern For The Inhuman Pink Turds In Space/Charred Remains (MITB)7" Slap A Ham 1990
Infest Voice Your Opinion Slave LP Off The Disk 1988
Lack Of Interest Forced Fed Trapped Inside Slap A Ham 1999
Crossed Out Lowlife Crossed Out/Man Is The Bastard 7" Slap A Ham Records 1992

SET 4: Random Demo Madness
Band song title from label year
Wrecks I Love To Shoplift demo 1982
Intensified Chaos Won't Kill demo 1982
Manic Number demo 2011
Anarkia Ya No Quiero Nada demo 1989
Unemployed Paris Hilton demo 2009

SET 5: I'll D-Beat Your Ass, Young Man!
Disclose Why Isn't There War? Aspects Of War" 10" FFT Label 1997
Discard One Day Four Minutes Past Midnight LP Abstract Sounds 1994
Dischange On Knees Dischange/Excrement of War 7" Finn Records 1991
Disclaim Cry In The Hatred Cry In The Hatred 7" Pushead 1991
No Fucker Fight Conquering The Innocent 7" No Real Music 2008

SET 6: Live CJs!
Circle Jerks Live May 15, 1983 At Space II Arcade Washington, DC
Circle Jerks Red Tape
Circle Jerks I Just Want Some Skank
Circle Jerks Beverly Hills
Circle Jerks Operation
Circle Jerks Wasted
Circle Jerks Back Up Against The Wall
Circle Jerks Bad Words

Check back every week for new episodes.


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Bob Suren

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pete, Shane and Bob's 5 hour Florida punk special on the radio.

Twice in JULY and then once again in SEPT, my friends Pete, Shane and I were allowed some air time on a local radio station to play the greatest Florida punk rock of all time.

You can download all 5 hours of our Florida punk special at the links below:

The Party is on Core Of Destruction -- spread this video promo

Punk Rock Record Party is on Core Of Destruction Internet Radio, streaming Tue 9PM EST. New show every week.

You can download this video and put it anywhere you want.

If any other internet stations would like to re-broadcast episodes, please get in touch with me by email at

And of course you can always download new episodes right here, every Saturday.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Podcast #2 is up and running -- 3 ways to check it out.

Hey, everyone
Podcast #2 is all set. You have 3 ways to check it out.

Download and save it from this Mediafire link.

Or hit play on the DivShare player below and it will start right away.

Or tune into Core Of Destruction Internet Radio and check out the show in streaming audio, TUES at 9:00 PM EST. New show every week.

Here's the set list for this week:
Band song title from label year
The Novas The Crusher V/A "Back From The Grave Vol 2" Crypt Records 1983 (1964 single)

SET 1: Kind of crusty, dude
Totalickers Muerte Al Tekno S/T LP Grita O Muere 2007
Rajoitus Politiikko Siat Hardcore Attack LP Distortion Records 1995
Heratys Onks Taa Todellisutta S/T LP Not Enough Records 2010
Diatribe Crucified S/T demo 1985
Snobbslakt Grisar V/A "Varning!! For Punk Vol 1" CD DistortionRecords 1996 (1983 demo)

SET 2: Bloody catchy, mate!
Neon Hearts Popular Music Popular Music LP Satril (Overground) 1979 (2002)
Radiators From Space Television Screen Test Tube Heart LP Chiswick Records 1977
Rezillos I Can't Stand My Baby I Can't Stand My Baby 7" Sensible Records 1977
Adverts No Time To Be 21 No Time To Be 21 7" Bright Records 1978
X-Ray Spex I Am A Poseur Germfree Adolescents LP EMI/Arr-I-Ficial Products 1978

SET 3: The 1990s didn't TOTALLY suck
Filth Today's Lesson Live the Chaos 7" Lookout Records 1990
Screeching Weasel Teenage Freakshow My Brain Hurts LP Lookout Records 1991
Econochrist Epidemic Trained To Serve LP Vermiform 1993
Born Against Half Mast Industrial Relations 7" Vermiform 1990
Go! King Of Nothing Your Power Means Nothing 7" Kingfish Records 1990

SET 4: $1 Finds
B.G.K. Gone Mad White Male Dumbinance 7" Vogelspin Records 1984
Gepopel In Our Hands Paracide 7" Diehard Records 1985
Kuolleet Kukat Kukan Ei Kysk Enaa Miksi Isoveli Valvoo 7" Rat Poison Records 1985
Unity You Are One You Are One 7" Wishing Well 1985
Stevie Stilleto Let's Blow This Taco Stand Bogus Life 7" Razor Records 1985

Set 5: Let's Get Weird!
Grupa 92 Tujci S/T RTV Ljubljana 1980
Pekinska Patka Buba Rumba Sabrana Nedela CD Beograde Dorro Jutro 2002 (1980)
Alookal Dars (School) V/A "Persian New Waves: Underground Out of Iran) LP Tian An Men 89 Records 2004
Purrkur Pillnikk Hamburger Plaza Googooplex 2xLP Gramm 1982

SET 6: A live surprise

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Bob Suren
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Brandon, FL 33509-3204

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See you next week.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Podcast #1 is ready to rock. Get it here.

Hey, everyone
The first podcast is ready to rock.

You can download from this safe Mediafire link.

Or click the Divshare plyer below and it will start playing right here.

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Here's the set list for this week's show:
Band song title from label year
Minutemen Party with Me Punker V/A "We Got Power" Mystic Records 1983

Circle Jerks World Up My Ass Group Sex Frontier Records 1980
Angry Samoans Lights Out Back From Samoa PVC Records 1983
Bad Brains Pay To Cum V/A "Let Them Eat Jellybeans" Alternative Tentacles1981
Buzzcocks Orgasm Addict Orgasm Addict 7" Universal Artists 1977
Gun Club Sex Beat Fire Of Love Slash Records 1981

Crimewave Don't Want It S/T 12" Agro-Wax 2011
NN Es Anarquista V/A "Noise Ordinance" Maximum Rocknroll 2011
Chaka Decay Decay 7" Ratas Del Extraradio 2011
Endless Grinning Skulls Brutal Aid S/T 12" Viral Age 2011
Ralph I Can't Breath S/T 7" Scavenger Of Death 2011

Roach Motel Shut Up Roach & Roll 7" Destroy Records 1982
U-Boats Government Rip Off Government RipOff 7" Crow Records 1982
Essentials I Don't Get Fast Music In A Slow Town 7" Safety Net 1982
Gay Cowboys In Bondage X-Rated Go Go Lunch We're Not Gay But The Music Is demo 1983
Drills Got No Heart Certificate of Penetration LP Balls Of Steel 1987

Dead Kennedys Forward To Death Fresh Fruit For... LP Cherry Red 1980
Negative Trend Mercenaries We Don't Play We Riot" 12" Subterranean 1983
Fear Gimme Some Action The Record LP Slash Records 1982
M.D.C. American Achievements S/T LP R. Radical 1982
7 Seconds Racism Sucks Skins, Brains and Guts 7" Alternative Tentacles 1982

Flaming Midget Pure Hate Midget Melodies 7" Burrito Records 1991
Failure Face Darwin All Pain No Gain 7" Ebullition 1994
Murder-Suicide Pact Lobotomy Kit Lobotomy Kit 7" Burrito Records 1998
John Madden And The Electric Condoms Proctology School Dropout S/T demo 2003
Gross National Product FICA Ronald McVomit's 14 Song Happy Meal 7" Bacon Towne Records 2006

SET 6: F LIVE IN 1982
F Attack live 1982
F (unknown) live 1982
F Such Men Are Dangerous live 1982

And finally, I can use some NEW releases to play on the show, so send vinyl and CDs to
Bob Suren
PO Box 3204
Brandon, FL 33509-3204

See you right here on SEPT 10 for podcast #2