Friday, September 16, 2011

Podcast #3 -- come and get it, big boy...

Hello, punkers
Podcast #3 is all finished and ready to rock your ears.

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And of course, I am always looking for new material to play on the show, so please send vinyl and CDs to:
Bob Suren
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And now, here is the play list for Episode #3:
Band song title from label year
Frantix Dancing To Punk Discography CD Afterburner Records 2003 (1980)

SET 1: Here's Your Oi!, Bitch...
Garotes Podres Anarquia Oi! Mais Podres LP Rocker Produ├žeus 1986
Cobra Anamal Attack bootleg 7" bootleg ?
Nabat Lavoro Scenderemo Nelle Strade 7" C.A.S. Records 1982
Ocho Bolas Lautaro Rocanrol V/A "Oi! Rare and Exotica" LP bootleg 1999 (1996)
New Roteeka Drinkin Boys V/A "Oi! Of Japan Vol 1" LP AA Records 1985

SET 2: 2010 Still Kinda New...
Off! Upside Down First Four EPs 4x7" box set Vice Records 2010
Holy Mountain We Must Kill Here Is No Exit" 12" picture disc No Idea Records 2010
Psycho Animal 4 Song Buzzsaw disc 6" Patac Records 2010
Reason Of Insanity Our Brand Of Mischief Violence" 10" Torture Garden 2010
Double Negative Emergency Room Daydream Nation" LP Sorry State Records 2010

SET 3: Powerviolence Will Never, Ever, Ever, Die, Dude
Band song title from label year
No Comment Push Down And Turn Downsided" 7" Slap A Ham Records 1993
Man Is The Bastard (Charred Remains) No Concern For The Inhuman Pink Turds In Space/Charred Remains (MITB)7" Slap A Ham 1990
Infest Voice Your Opinion Slave LP Off The Disk 1988
Lack Of Interest Forced Fed Trapped Inside Slap A Ham 1999
Crossed Out Lowlife Crossed Out/Man Is The Bastard 7" Slap A Ham Records 1992

SET 4: Random Demo Madness
Band song title from label year
Wrecks I Love To Shoplift demo 1982
Intensified Chaos Won't Kill demo 1982
Manic Number demo 2011
Anarkia Ya No Quiero Nada demo 1989
Unemployed Paris Hilton demo 2009

SET 5: I'll D-Beat Your Ass, Young Man!
Disclose Why Isn't There War? Aspects Of War" 10" FFT Label 1997
Discard One Day Four Minutes Past Midnight LP Abstract Sounds 1994
Dischange On Knees Dischange/Excrement of War 7" Finn Records 1991
Disclaim Cry In The Hatred Cry In The Hatred 7" Pushead 1991
No Fucker Fight Conquering The Innocent 7" No Real Music 2008

SET 6: Live CJs!
Circle Jerks Live May 15, 1983 At Space II Arcade Washington, DC
Circle Jerks Red Tape
Circle Jerks I Just Want Some Skank
Circle Jerks Beverly Hills
Circle Jerks Operation
Circle Jerks Wasted
Circle Jerks Back Up Against The Wall
Circle Jerks Bad Words

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Bob Suren


  1. Another stellar show! How about a set of songs that focuses on members that were in Heresy? That would be Kalvtastic!

  2. Hmmm... How many bands are there? Geriatric Unit, 666 Dead, Meatfly... Amd I missing any?

  3. haven't heard 666 Dead, sounds cool, love to check that out for sure. I can think of Endless Grinning Skulls (although you played that I think on the debut show), Force Fed, Uniform Approach as well. Maybe there's more? Just an idea for another segment anyways. Working on your stuff and will send them asap :) mega job you're doing, love it!