Friday, September 23, 2011

Podcast #4 is right here.

Hello, Party Animals
Podcast #4 is ready for you now and it is a doozie.

As always, you have several ways to listen.

1. Just click this safe Mediafire link and it will download to your computer.

2. Hit play on the Divshare player below and it will start playing right here.

3. Listen on Core Of Destruction Internet Radio, streaming Tue 9PM EST at

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Please send vinyl and/or CDs to be played on the show to
Bob Suren
PO Box 3204
Brandon, FL 33509-3204

And now here is the play list for this week's show, Enjoy!
Band song title from label year
Subs Party Clothes Gimme Your Heart/Party Clothes 7" Stiff Records 1978

SET: What's New, Pussycat?
Slugz Fairy Tales Suit And Tie 7" Feel It Records 2011
Panzram Aborted Man A New Mental Disorder For Youth" 7" Drugged Conscience 2011
Murder-Suicide Pact I Respect You And All Of Your Body Parts demo
Church Whip Blind Goat Corpse Without Soul demo 2011
Feral Babies Feral Babies demo 2011

SET: Peruvian Hardcore
Ataque Frontal Sociedad En Decadencia S/T 7" New Wave Records 1986
Guerilla Urbana Sobrevivire demo" 1985?
Leusemia un Lugar S/T LP Lengua Armada Discos 2008 (1985)
G3 Siente El Cambio Un Nuevo Enemigo Lengua Armada Discos 2007 (1987)
Kaos Explosion Centro De Opresion 7" Sin Temores Records 2009 (1989)

SET: Things I Have For Trade
Generation X Shakin All Over "Valley Of The Dolls/Shakin'..." 7" Chrysalis Records 1979
Rich Kids Rich Kids/ S/T 7" E.M.I. Records 1978
Combat Wounded Veteran Eat More Blood Money S/T 7" Suppose...I Break Your Neck Records 1997
Gauze 39 Degrees Celcius Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte LP Prank Records 2008
Geza X Isotope Soap V/A "Let Them Eat Jellybeans" LP Alternative Tentacles/New Rose Records 1981/1984

SET: Italian Masters
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers 400 Fascists 400 Fascists 7" Cessophonia Records 1981
Negazione Noi Condannati A Morte 7" self released, no label 1985
Raw Power You Are The Victim Demo (Burning The Factory CD) self-releasd 1983 (1996)
Peggio Punx Scemo Disastro Sonoro 7" (V/A "Furious Years Of Italian Hardcore" CD) 1983
Declino Vita Negazione/Declino LP (tape) Children Of The Revolution 1986 (1984)

Dayglow Abortions Whiter Than Hitler 1982 demo 1982
Hino Mortal Generals 1982 Demo 1982
Young Identities (aus) Threats New Trends 7" 1979
Corruption Of Peace (Japan) I Won't Go Confusion LP 1985
Nagy Fero Bikini (Hungary) Ki csinál szódát Hova Lett LP / 1983

SET: A Super Sexy Surprise


  1. yet another excellent show, these are wicked and fun AND INFORMATIVE! Keep 'em coming, PLEASE!

  2. #5 will post late on SEPT 30 or early OCT 1. Featuring a grindcore set, random demo madness and more.