Friday, September 9, 2011

Podcast #2 is up and running -- 3 ways to check it out.

Hey, everyone
Podcast #2 is all set. You have 3 ways to check it out.

Download and save it from this Mediafire link.

Or hit play on the DivShare player below and it will start right away.

Or tune into Core Of Destruction Internet Radio and check out the show in streaming audio, TUES at 9:00 PM EST. New show every week.

Here's the set list for this week:
Band song title from label year
The Novas The Crusher V/A "Back From The Grave Vol 2" Crypt Records 1983 (1964 single)

SET 1: Kind of crusty, dude
Totalickers Muerte Al Tekno S/T LP Grita O Muere 2007
Rajoitus Politiikko Siat Hardcore Attack LP Distortion Records 1995
Heratys Onks Taa Todellisutta S/T LP Not Enough Records 2010
Diatribe Crucified S/T demo 1985
Snobbslakt Grisar V/A "Varning!! For Punk Vol 1" CD DistortionRecords 1996 (1983 demo)

SET 2: Bloody catchy, mate!
Neon Hearts Popular Music Popular Music LP Satril (Overground) 1979 (2002)
Radiators From Space Television Screen Test Tube Heart LP Chiswick Records 1977
Rezillos I Can't Stand My Baby I Can't Stand My Baby 7" Sensible Records 1977
Adverts No Time To Be 21 No Time To Be 21 7" Bright Records 1978
X-Ray Spex I Am A Poseur Germfree Adolescents LP EMI/Arr-I-Ficial Products 1978

SET 3: The 1990s didn't TOTALLY suck
Filth Today's Lesson Live the Chaos 7" Lookout Records 1990
Screeching Weasel Teenage Freakshow My Brain Hurts LP Lookout Records 1991
Econochrist Epidemic Trained To Serve LP Vermiform 1993
Born Against Half Mast Industrial Relations 7" Vermiform 1990
Go! King Of Nothing Your Power Means Nothing 7" Kingfish Records 1990

SET 4: $1 Finds
B.G.K. Gone Mad White Male Dumbinance 7" Vogelspin Records 1984
Gepopel In Our Hands Paracide 7" Diehard Records 1985
Kuolleet Kukat Kukan Ei Kysk Enaa Miksi Isoveli Valvoo 7" Rat Poison Records 1985
Unity You Are One You Are One 7" Wishing Well 1985
Stevie Stilleto Let's Blow This Taco Stand Bogus Life 7" Razor Records 1985

Set 5: Let's Get Weird!
Grupa 92 Tujci S/T RTV Ljubljana 1980
Pekinska Patka Buba Rumba Sabrana Nedela CD Beograde Dorro Jutro 2002 (1980)
Alookal Dars (School) V/A "Persian New Waves: Underground Out of Iran) LP Tian An Men 89 Records 2004
Purrkur Pillnikk Hamburger Plaza Googooplex 2xLP Gramm 1982

SET 6: A live surprise

Download this short promo video and share it with your friends.


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See you next week.

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