Friday, May 18, 2012

Podcast #38

Here's podcast #37

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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #38
Band    Song    From    Label    Year
OPENER:  Limit     Uh Oh    "S/T" LP    Cheap Rewards Records    2012

SET:  Black Water Records
Age     The Exit Is There    "The Scar Of Lead" LP    Black Water Records    2007
Autistic Youth     Idle Minds    "Idle Minds" LP    Black Water Records    2009
Deathraid     Forgotten    "All Life Ends" LP    Black Water Records    2010
Lobotomia     Drugs    "Nadae Como Parece" LP    Black Water Records    2011
Sista Kriget     Utgifter    "8 Track Horror" 7"    Black Water Records    2011

SET:  Fun With Flexis (Japanese Edition)
Jabara    E.B.E.    Jabara/Messed Up 7" flexi    HG Fact    1999
Messed Up    Give Me Money    Jabara/Messed Up 7" flexi    HG Fact    1999
Sex Complex Class     Rinkanesyon    "S/T" 7" flexi    MCR Company    1985
Sexual     Anarchy And Destruction     "Last Days" 7" flexi    Kochi Records    1984
Gibbed     Repulse The Life    "Eternal Life" 7" flexi    Sound Of Burial Records    1990
S.O.B.    Humanity Of Stupidity    Napalm Death/ S.O.B. 7" flexi    Sound Of Burial    1989   

SET:  Same Name
Crime    "Inside Out"    V/A "I'll Gather Up" 8"    Musical Friend Records    1989
Crime    "Baby, You're So Repulsive"    "Hotwire My Heart" 7"    Crime Records    1976
Panics     Test... Test...    "Push The Button" LP    Superdisc    1980
anics     "I Wanna Kill My Mom"    "I Wanna Kill My Mom" 7"    Gulcher Records    1980

SET:  Caught My Eye
Crisis     On TV    "Hymns Of Faith" LP    Ardkor Records    1980
Dissension     Average American Kid    "Why Work For Death" LP    Metal Storm Records    1986
Eppu Normaali     Kuka On Pertti Strom    "Elavana Euroopassa" 2xLP    Poko Records    1980
Hellnation     Punk Or Cop    "Cheerleaders For Imperialism" LP    Slap A Ham    2000
Half Life     Who Do You Blame?    "Never Give In" LP    Skyclad Records    1989

SET:  The Return Of It Came From A Compliation
Civil Dismay    You're So Fucked To Me     V/A "Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself?" LP    New Underground    1982
Final Conflict    Self Defeated    V/A "Lung Cookies" LP    Smoke Seven    1983
Slammies    Manager Breakdown    V/A "Master Tape Vol 1" LP    Affirmation/Nimrod    1982
Media Disease    Life Unfullfilled    V/A "Mixed Nuts Don't Crack" LP    Outside Records    1982
Bazooka Joe    Phoenix    V/A "MRR Presents:  They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get..." LP    Maximum Rocknroll    1989
Detonators    Denied    V/A "MRR Presents:  They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get..." LP    Maximum Rocknroll    1989

013    Työnvälittäjä    "Takaisin Todellisuuteen" LP    Propaganda Records    1983

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