Friday, May 11, 2012

Podcast #37

Here's podcast #36.

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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #37
Band    Song    From    Label    Year
Aaritila     Tuhkauurna    "Ennen Huomista, Tana Tuomiopaivana" LP    Feral Ward    2008

SET:  Recent Finds
Brain Killer     Eyes On Me    "S/T" 7"    Vinyl Rites Records    2009
Creamers     Mom Watches TV    "Not Now No Way/Mom Watches TV" 7"    Dog Meat Records    1990
Depo-Provera     Class Reunion    S/T 7"    no label    1989
Idiots Rule     Bergab    "S/T" 7"    Hate Records    2007
Argue Damnation    Drive Back Violence    V/A "Kobe City Hardcore" 7"    MCR Company    1996

SET:  Fun With Flexis
Smartstillande     ?    "S/T" 7" flexi    Signaler Fran Ovan    2011
Agathocles      Threshold To Senility    "Fascination Of Mutilation" 7" flexi    Rigid Records    1990
Dread Yankees     Greed    "S/T" 7" flexi    Luv Records    1989
Masskontroll     Recycle Or Die    "S/T" 7" flexi    Consensus Reality    1994
Stalin     Niku    "Dendou Kokeshi" 7" flexi (reissue)    Political Records    2005

SET:  Portland's Punky Past Part 1
Stiphnoyds     Mom's A Fake    "Afraid of the Russians" 7"    Trap    1980
Stiphnoyds     Radiation    "Afraid of the Russians" 7"    Trap    1980
Count Vertigo     I'm A Mutant    "X Patriots/I'm A Mutant" 7"    Cool Records    1979
Imperialist Pigs     Perish    "Corkscrew Pork Sword" 7"    Fatal Erection    2007
E-13    Ode To A Motorhome     "No Mercy For Swine" 7"    Fatal Erection    1984   

SET:  Portland's Punky Past Part 2
Lockjaw     Death To Cops    "Shock Value" 7"    self released, no label    1982
Final Warning     Rain Of Death    "S/T" 7"    Fatal Erection    1984
Poison Idea     Give It Up    "Darby Crash Rides Again" 7"    American Leather     1989
Rancid Vat     When The Roll's Called Down Under"Profiles in Pain" 7"    Pig Face/Brilliancy Prize    1984
SLA     Threat Of Violence    "Evil Empire" LP    Eat Me Records    1985

SET:  Bloodstains Across...
Chosen Few    Do The Manic    V/A "Bloodstains Across Australia" LP    bootleg    1998
Crapule De Luxe    Suck It To Me    V/A "Bloodstains Across Belgium #1" LP    bootleg    1997
VKTMS    Midget    V/A "Bloodstains Across California" LP    bootleg    1993
Plastic Idols    I.U.D.    V/A "Bloodstains Across Texas" LP    bootleg    1992
Dow Jones And The Industrials    Can't Stand The Midwest    V/A "Bloodstains Across The Midwest" LP    bootleg    1994

Cramps    You Got Good Taste     Smell Of Female    Enigma Records    1983

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