Friday, April 27, 2012

Podcast #35

Here is Episode #35.  Well, something is weird with Blogspot right now and I can't post the DIV SHARE player or the mediafore link as usual.  So, for right now, you have your choice of THREE ways to listen.

1. Download it from this safe Mediafire link:
2. Listen on Core Of Destruction Radio, streaming Tue at 9PM EST.

3. Listen on Podunk Radio, streaming, streaming Sun at 9 PM EST.

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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #35
Band    Song    From    Label    Year
Old Head    Stoner Grind    Maximum Rock    At War With False Noise Records    2012

SET:  Recent Finds
A.Y.S.     Do You Know WhatYou're Doing?"Expect No Mercy" 7"    Mortarhate Records    1985
A.Y.S.     Keep Your Mouth Shut    Expect No Mercy" 7"    Mortarhate Records    1985
Disfuse    Running In Fear    Disfuse/Power Of Idea 7"    Japankore    1995
Power Of Idea    Direction In Power    Disfuse/Power Of Idea 7"    Japankore    1995
Satanic Malfunctions     The Take Away Of Life    I've Just Had About All I Can Take" 7"    Loony Tunes Records    1987
Extrem     Why Them?    "Voluntary Enslavement" LP    Bad Insight Records    1990   

SET:  Recent Finds
Hate Crew     American Way    "Silent Rage" LP    Punk, Etc Records    1988
Shockin' TV    Spazi Di Potere    V/A "We Can Do Whatever We Want" LP    BCT Records    1986
Wretched    Ti Obbligano Ad Obbedire    V/A "We Can Do Whatever We Want" LP    BCT Records    1986
Butthole Surfers     Goin' Down To Florida    Double Live 2xLP    bootleg    1989
Deprogrammer     Instant Passion    "Instant Passion/Eighty-Eighty-One" 7"    At Last Records    1981

SET:  1977 in 7"s (UK Edition)
Alternative TV     You Bastard    "Life After Life/How Much Longer" 7"    Deptford Fun City Records    1977
Clash     Complete Control    "Complete Control/City Of The Dead" 7"    CBS    1977
Slaughter & The Dogs     The Bitch    "Cranked Up Really High" 7"    Rabid Records    1977
Zeros     Radio Fun    "Hungry/Radio Fun" 7"    Small Wonder    1977

SET:  Reactor Records
Psychotic Maniacs     Trickery    "Tribes Of Melbourne" 7"    Reactor Records    1987
Depression     Big Business    "S/T" LP    Reactor Records    1985
Hard Corpuscles     Westgate    "Decide" LP    Reactor Records    1986   
Permanent Damage     Victim Of Misery    "End Of Innocence" LP    Reactor Records    1987
Vicious Circle     Viewing Time    "Hidden Supervision"  7"    Reactor Records    1986

SET:  Random Demo Madness (The Alan Moses Edition Part 1)
Harsh Vibes (US)    Walls and Ropes    demo    2011
Slobs (Canada)    Done Caring    demo    2009
Torture Unit (US)    Junk Slave    demo    2010
Total War (Canada)    They Lead We Follow    demo    2011
Triple Crossed (US)    Big Brother's Keeper    demo    2011
Blocked Out (US)    Better Off Dead    demo    2008

SET:  Random Demo Madness (The Alan Mosees Edition Part 2)
Boston Strangler (US)    Never Give It Back    demo    2010
Eye Gouge (Australia)    Talk Shit    demo     2007
Violent Nun (Canada)    Quarterback    demo    2011
Pay The Cost (Spain)    Coward    demo    2011
Heratys (Sweden)    Meck    demo    2009

SET:  Riistetyt live in the USA 1984

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