Friday, April 6, 2012

Podcast #32

Here's podcast #32. You have your choice of FOUR ways to listen.

1. Download it from this safe Mediafire link.

2. Just click PLAY on the DivShare player below and it will start playing immediately.

3. Listen on Core Of Destruction Radio, streaming Tue at 9PM EST.

4. Listen on Podunk Radio, streaming, streaming Sun at 9 PM EST.

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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #32
Band Song From Label Year
Reactions Tammy "Saturday's Gone Wild" LP Cheap Rewards Records 2011

SET: It Came From A Compilation (The 10" edition)
Facts About Rats Still Want You V/A "Apocalyptic Convulsions" 10" + 7" Ax/ction Records 1992
Antischism Where We Stand V/A "Fallen Upon Deaf Ears" 10" Skull Duggery/Selfless 1994
Truth Of Arize Controlled Freedom V/A "No Hesitation To Resist" 10" Forest 1999
Fake Females Too Fucked In My Head V/A "Sto Dei Lokale Ponkarane Vol 2" 10" Ponk Rakk Records 1996
Vapor Lock Die Robot Die V/A "What Are You Pointing At?" 10" Very Small Records 1989

SET: 10" Records
Chaosfront Class War Chaosfront/Rakitis 10" Frontcore 1999
Gashebel Deportation Class "S/T" 10" Gas Records 2003
Hellkontroll Abandon Power "Wanker War" 10" Vinyl Rites 2010
Kriegstanz Judas "S/T" 10" no label 2003
Stockholm Pigs Fashion Boys Fuck Off "Passed Out In The Floor" 10" Bent Edge Records 2002

SET: Recent Finds (The UK edition)
Nine Nine Nine Crazy "Me And My Desire/Crazy" 7" United Artists 1978
Drongos For Europe Russian Delight "Death's A Career" 7" Tempest Records 1982
Fatal Microbes Beatutiful Pictures "Violence Grows" 7" Small Wonder Records 1979
Tom Robinson Band Grey Cortina "Power In The Darkness" 2xLP Harvest/EMI Records 1978
Radiators From Space Prison Bars V/A "English Waves!" LP RCA Records 1978

SET: Cool bootlegs
Dead Kennedys Forward To Death/Dog Bite "Live July 4, 1985" LP bootleg
Misfits Devilock "Michigan WCBN" LP bootleg 1989
Saints Do The Robot "This Perfect Day: Live at the Hope and Anchor" LP bootleg
Typhus Hong Kong Girl "S/T" LP Absolute Power 2010

SET: Over The Counter
Crucial Truth Agent Orange "Darkened Days" 7" Rat Cage Records 1982
Epileptics What've You Got To Smile About? "Last Bus To Dresden" 7" Spider Leg 1981
Kraut Last Chance "Unemployed" 7" Cabbage Records 1981
Rudimentary Peni Black President "S/T" 7" Outer Himalayan 1982
Nihilistics Low Life "S/T" LP Braineater Records 1983

Flipper Ever "Generic Flipper" LP Subterranean 1981
Bastards Univormukonnat V/A "Russia Bombs Finland" LP Propaganda Records 1982

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