Friday, March 16, 2012

Podcast #29

Here is podcast #29. You have your choice of THREE ways for to listen.

1. Download it from this safe Mediafire link.

2. Just click PLAY on the DivShare player below and it will start playing immediately.

3. Listen on Core Of Destruction Radio, streaming Tue at 9PM EST. While you listen, join me in the chat room for play by play action and BONUS TUNES!
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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:

And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #29
Band Song From Label Year
Out Cold Control Freak Will Attack If Provoked LP Deranged Records 2001

SET: Flashback 2002
Dir Yassin Ink Stains Across The Border "Ink Stains" 7" Lengua Armada 2002
Idol Punch Chicken Potential "Culture Market" 7" MCR Company 2002
Lady Copy Declaration Of Offence "S/T" 7" Twitch Records 2002
Laukaus Vihaa "Mika On Tuolla" 7" Distort Records 2002
Neurose Urbana Inverno Nuclear "Morte Caotica" 7" Strongly Opposed 2002
Refuse Noise Never Die "Punk Save The World??" 7" Beer City Japan 2002

SET: Zine give-away 7"s
Black Army Jacket Pretenders To The Throne Black Army Jacket/Noothgrush 7" Reservoir/Monkey Bite 1997
Crimpshrine Fucked Up Kid Crimpshrine/Mutley Chix 7" No Idea Records 1989
Pitbull Follow The Leader I/Pitbull 7" flexi Sold Out Records 1990
Radon Wasting Time V/A "No Idea #10" No Idea
Faces Cry Of Nature V/A "Ox Faces The Facts #8" 7" Ox Records 1990

SET: Peel Sesions
Extreme Noise Terror System Shit "Peel Sessions" 7" bootleg
S.O.B. What's The Truth? "Peel Sessions" 7" bootleg
Doom Circles "Peel Sessions" LP Strange Fruit 1989
Electro Hippies Escape "Peel Sessions" 12" Strange Fruit 1987
Intense Degree Bursting "Peel Sessions" 12" Strange Fruit 1987

SET: The Letter X
XL Capris Skylab V/A "Why March When You Can Riot?" LP Riposte Records 1985
X-Band (Untitled) "The Pleasures In Life" 7" Yo Mama Records 1986
X-Conz Big Mouthed Girls "Do Dead People Tan?" 7" Edge Records 1981
XfilesX Drown In My Puke "2002 Tour EP" 7" self released, no label 2002
X-Ray Spex Identity "Identity" 7" Artificial Records 1978

SET: The Return Of It Came From A Compliation
Ratos De Porao Cerebros Atomicos V/A "Ataque Sonoro" LP Ataque Frontal 1985
Dow Jones And The Industrial Ladies With Appliances V/A "Red Snerts" LP Gulcher Records 1980
Treblinka Sauna V/A "Stop Vivisection -- Use Yuppies" LP Hätäapu 1989
Hooker Downtown Streets V/A "Wormtown '78" LP Beast Records 1979
Inferno Ronald Reagan V/A "Ultra Hardcore Power" LP Muelleimer Records 1983

SET: Jerry's Kidz LIVE Jan 15, 1982 in Albequerque, NM

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