Friday, March 9, 2012

Podcast #28

Here is podcast #28. You have your choice of THREE ways for to listen.

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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #28
Band Song From Label Year
Shock This Generation's On Vacation "This Generation's On Vacation" 7" repro Impact Records 2001 (1978)

SET: Youth crew anthems
Crippled Youth Walk Tall Walk Straight "Join The Fight" 7" New Beginning Records 1986
Profound Push To Start "Integrity" 7" Crucial Response Records 1990
Project X Straightedge Revenge "S/T" 7" Bridge 9/Schism 2006
Side By Side Look Back "You're Only Young Once" 7" Revelation Records 1988
Gorilla Biscuits Forgotten V/A "New York City Hardcore" LP Revelation 1988

SET: Anarcho Punk
Zounds Subvert "Can't Cheat Karma" 7" Crass Records 1980
The System Their Decisions V/A "Wargasm" LP Pax Records 1982
The Alternative Change It V/A "Bullshit Detector Vol 1" LP Crass Records 1980
Conflict This Is The ALF V/A "This Is The ALF" 2xLP Mortarhate Records 1990
Icons Of Filth Virus "Used, Abused, Unamused" 7" Corpus Christi 1983

SET: Cool bootlegs
Zero Boys Drive In "Blood is Good" 7" bootleg 1990
The Stiffs Fuck You V/A "Vancouver Evolution" 7" bootleg (1978)
Victorian Pork I Don't Give A Shit V/A "Vancouver Evolution" 7" bootleg (1979)
S.N.F.U. Real Men Don't Watch Quincy "Bag Lady (Real Men Don't Watch Quincy" 7" bootleg 1990
Neurosis Faith Of Fraud "Black" 7" bootleg 1994
Fear My Good Lay/Whack Him On The Ass"I Don't Care About You" 7" bootleg

SET: Good records with bad covers
Barn Av Regnbuen Ingenting E Som For "Det e'kje nåkka artig lenger" 7" X-Port Platter 1986
Bannlyst Systemets Redskap "Dem Ikke Lure Deg!" 7" X-Port Platter 1985
Direct Control Hardcore For Heroin "S/T" 7" Kangaroo Records 2005
Maimed For Life Just Don't Know S/T 7" VI Records 1985

SET: Poland in the 80s
Siekiera Fala V/A "Fala" LP Polton 1985
TZN-Xenna Ciemny Pokój "Dzieci Z Brudnej Ulicy" 7" Nagranie Tonpress Kaw 1985
Moskwa Nigdy S/T LP Pronit Records 1989
Armia Na Ulice V/A "Jak Punk To Punk" LP Tonpress 1986

Sluggo "Stitch" Contradiction Shag Dog Records 1984
Small Talk Death Siege Rules! V/A "Brandon Hardcore" 7" Burn Brandon Records 2007


  1. I just stumbled into your page and I must say your show is pretty cool. Both the music set and the speech makes worth listening to. Specially funny your comments on the shitty record covers.
    I'll stay tuned for the coming podcasts!


  2. Hi, FranFurt
    Glad you found me. I do a new show every week. I hope you go back and collect all the old shows, too.