Friday, March 2, 2012

Podcast #27

Here is podcast #27. You have your choice of THREE ways for to listen.

1. Download it from this safe Mediafire link.

2. Just click PLAY on the DivShare player below and it will start playing immediately.

3. Listen on Core Of Destruction Radio, streaming Tue at 9PM EST. While you listen, join me in the chat room for play by play action and BONUS TUNES!
You can also find all episodes of the Punk Rock Record Party at Punk and while you are there, check out all the other shows.

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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #27
Band Song From Label Year
Zany Guys Hardcore "Party Hits Vol II" 7" Placebo 1984

SET: New stuff and Recent Finds
Nazi Dust Dull Regard "Wretched Hour" 12" Vinyl Rites 2011
Poison Planet Nazi Punks Fuck Off "Bleed For Me" 7" Third Party Records 2011
Front Line Quaker's Meeting "Basic Training" 7" Beach Impediment Records 2011
Love Canal Drunk And Stupid "It's A Dog's Life So Blow It Out Your Ass" LP National Trust Records 1985
Cold Shoulder Ghost Towns V/A "Punx Don't Drink" 7" Third Party Records 2009
Coke Bust Under The Streetlights V/A "Punx Don't Drink" 7" Third Party Records 2009

SET: Cool bootlegs
Avengers The American In Me "Two Black Eyes" LP Bootleg 1998 (1978 demo)
Wasted Youth Teenage Nark "Reagan's In + 14 Bonus Tracks" LP bootleg 2006 (1981 demo)
No Labels HarDCore V/A "No Core" LP bootleg 2002 (1982 demo)
Wire Save The Bullet "Not About To Die" LP Amnesia Records/bootleg (1978 demo)
Outo I Like Cola "19 Song LP" Revoltation Records bootleg

SET: Melodic But Not Mellow
Screeching Weasel I Wanna Be A Homosexual "Pervo Devo" 7" Selfless Records 1991
Mr. T. Experience Love Manifesto "Our Bodies Ourselves" LP Lookout Records 1993
Operation Ivy Bombshell "Energy" LP Lookout Records 1989
Dickies Manny Moe & Jack "Nights in White Satin/Manny Moe & Jack" 7" A&M Records 1979
D.I. The Saint "Team Goon" 12" Triple X Records 1984

SET: Finland versus Sweden (The 2000s edition)
Kyklooppien Sukupuutto ? "Helvetin Elementit" Mercy Mercy Records 2005
Vaarinkasitys Pieni Koppi "S/T" 7" no label, self released 2002
Vakivaltaa! Vapaudu Ja Unohda "Elama on Painajaista" 7" no label 2002
Krig I Hudik Helvete S/T 7" Feral Ward 2009
Kvoteringen Roffaren's Marknad "Roffarens Marknao" 7" Terrotten Records 2005
Knugenfaller Inte Som Ni "Inte Som Ni" 7" Wasted Sounds 2005

SET: Good Greif, More Oi!
Angelic Upstarts "Police Oppression" "The Murder of..." 7" Small Wonder 1978
Gonads "I Lost My Love To A UK Sub" "Pure Punk For Row People" 7" Secret Records 1982
Sham 69 Angels With Dirty Faces "Angels With Dirty Faces/The Cockney Kids Are Innocent" 7" Polydor 1978
Peter & The Test Tube Babies "Moped Lads" "Banned" 7" No Future 1981

Crossed Out "Fraud" "S/T" 7" Slap A Ham Records 1991

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