Friday, July 13, 2012


Here's podcast #46, my final one.  Personal issues prevent me from taking this any further.  It has been a good ride.  Thanks for tuning in.

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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #46
Band    Song    From    Label    Year
La Peste     Better Off Dead    "Better Off Dead/Black" 7"    Black Records    1978

SET:  Got It At A Show
Caustic Christ     Public Service    "2005 Tour" 7"    Havoc Records    2005
Natural Law     Hand And Foot    "S/T" 7"    Katagora Works     2010
Off!     Compared To What?    "Compared To What/Rotten Apple" 7"    Southern Lord    2011
Smash Your Face     Disappear Everything    "Dirty, Nasty..." LP    Mangrove Label    1999
Tear It Up    Take My Life    Tear It Up/E.T.A. LP    Deadalive    2001

SET:  Got It At A Show (The Florida Edition)
Belching Penguin     Better Off Dead    "Draft Beer..." LP    No Clubs Records    1986
Lovegods In Leisure Suits     I Hate Joggers    "Come Here Often?" LP    Spacefish Records    1988
Runnamucks     Untouchable    "Untouchable" 7"    Gnarly Slaughter    2008
Human Oddities     Henry    "Henry" 7"    Gravel Company    1991
Human Oddities     Big Foot    "The Earth Will Shake" 7"    4 1/2 Fingers Records    1992

SET:  Well-Concealed Cash
No Comment     For Tomorrow's Sake    "Common Senseless" 7"    Snare Drum Records    1989
Operation Ivy     Yellin' In My Ear    "Hectic" 7"    Lookout Records    1988
Kurt I Kuvos    Massmedia    Headcleaners/Kurt I Kuvos LP    Really Fast     1984
No Fraud     Going Nowhere    "Hard To The Core" LP    Nuclear Blast Records    1987
N.O.T.A.     Ultra-Violent    "S/T" LP    Rabid Cat Records    1985

SET:  Got It In Trade
Brain Death     Queer In The Head    "Personal Affair" 7"    Low-Brow    1987
Headcleaners    Smutsig Byk    Headcleaners/Picnic Boys 7"      Massproduktion    1981
Depression    Big Brother    Depression/Gash 7"    Sick Records    1986
Gash    The Lesson    Depression/Gash 7"    Sick Records    1986
Sorto     Maalaa Talo    "Aina Valmiina" 7"     Ikbals    1986

SET:  What The Hell Does This Sound Like?
Zerstorte Jugend     Spastic Nightmare    "Discography" LP    bootleg   
Purgen    Ride Through A Trash Tube    S/T  7"    Rednik
Naked     Evil Faces    "Towards Reality" 7"    Bluurg    1983
Marplots     Bandbus    "Bombenterror" 7"    Pogar Records    1985


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