Friday, July 6, 2012

Podcast #45

Here's podcast #45

You have your choice of THREE ways to listen.
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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #45
Band    Song    From    Label    Year
Spits     All I Want    "S/T" LP    In The Red Records    2011

SET:  Recent finds
Teenage Head     Some Kinda Fun    "Some Kinda Fun/Teenage Beer Drinkin' Party" 7"    Attic Records    1982
Pagans     She's A Cadaver    "The Godlike Power Of The Pagans" LP    Treehouse Records    1987
Pistons     Captain Of The Industry    "Flight 581" LP    Twin Tone Records    1980
Undertones     Male Model    "S/T" LP    Sire Records    1979
Agent Orange    Surfbeat '85    V/A "What Surf II" LP    What Records    1985

SET:  It Came From A Compilation
Red Cross    Clorox Girls    V/A "The Siren" LP    Posh Boy Records    1980
The Crowd    Modern Machine    V/A "Posh Hits Vol. 1" LP    Posh Boy Records    1982
The Detours    Hang Ten In East Berlin    V/A "Up Another Octave Transmission" LP    Up Another Octave    1981
Ultra-Violence    Soldier In The Jungle    V/A "There's A Method To Our Madness" LP    Phantom Records    1986
Bored Suburban Youths    Annihilation (LIVE)    V/A "There's A Method To Our Madness" LP    Phantom Records    1986
Crude SS    Chaos    V/A "The Vikings Are Coming" LP    Uproar Records    1985

SET:  Mexico Revisited LAST TIME In 13 and 14
Sedicion     Rock De Mierda    "Extinctos" LP        1991
Sedicion     Fiesta De Disfraces    "Verdaderes Historias De" LP        1988
Atoxxxico     Uno De Ustedes    "Tu Tienes La Razon" LP    Puro Pinche Ruido     1990
Massacre 68     Tantos Dias Tantos Años    "No Estamos Conformes" LP        1989
Histeria    La Verdad    Massacre 68/Histeria LP picture disc        1998

SET:  My Favorite Records Stores (Record Bar) LAST TIME WAS #34
Dead Kennedys     Stealing People's Mail    "Fresh Fruit" LP    Cherry Red    1980
Minor Threat     It Follows    "Out Of Step" LP    Dischord Records    1983
Untouchables    Nic Fit    V/A "Flex Your Head" LP    Dischord Records    1982
F     Citizen's Arrest    "You Are An E.P." 12"    Intendo Distorto Records    1984
7 Seconds     How Do You Think You'd Feel?    "Walk Together..." LP    Better Youth Organization    1985

SET:  Well-Concealed Cash
State Of Confusion     Decency    "A Street" LP    Subcore    1986
S.N.F.U.     Better Homes And Gardens    "If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish" LP    Better Youth Organization    1986
Larries     Fun In The 80s    "Down At The Diner" LP    Hardway Records    1987
Youth Of Today     Stabbed In The Back    "Break Down The Walls" LP    Revelation Records    1986

Deep Wound     Your Head Is In Your Crotch    demo    1982

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