Friday, June 15, 2012

Podcast #42

Here's podcast #42

You have your choice of THREE ways to listen.
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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #42
Band    Song    From    Label    Year
Controllers     Do The Uganda    "Slow Boy" 7"    Siamese Records    1979

SET:  Got It In Trade
Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio     Paani    "666" LP    Barabbas Records    1985
Heibel     School    "Yeah, Everything's Great!" LP    C.O.R. Records    1986
Fair Warning    Say No More    V/A "Apathy... Never" LP    Over The Top Records    1986   
M.I.A.    Cold Sweat    M.I.A./Genocide LP    Smoke Seven Records    1982
Ugly Americans     Dance Of Death    "The Dream Turns Sour" LP    Discipline Records    1984

SET $1 Finds
Powertrip     Permanent Damage    "When We Cut, We Bleed" 12"    PVC Records    1983
Bizarros    I Bizarro    Bizarros/Rubber City Rebels LP    Clone Records    1977
Braille Party    Terrorist    V/A "Bouncing Babies" LP    Fountain Of Youth    1984
Void    Get Out Of My Way    V/A "Bouncing Babies" LP    Fountain Of Youth    1984
Charlie Pickett And The Eggs     American Travelust    "Live At The Button" LP    Open Records    1982
Wimpy Dicks     S.L.O. Bored    "S.L.O. Bored"    Bop N' Skin Records    1985

SET:  Ebay Victories
Artistic Decline     No News    "Random Violence" LP    Deco Entertainment    1987
Detonators     Resistance    "Just Another Reason" LP    National Trust    1985
T.A.S.K.    Satanist Forstas    V/A "Single Ticket To Paradise" 7"    Neg FX Records    1995
Artificial Peace    World Of Hate    Artificial Peace/Exiled 7"    Fountain Of Youth    1982
Catatonics     Hunted Down    "Hunted Down" 7"    Anorexic/Nympho Music    1984

SET:  More Got It In Trade
Googol Plex     No Medicine Can Cure Folly    "Nail A Lie To The Counter" 7"    Kagai Mousou Records     1985
Lurkers     SuzieIs A Floozie    "Out In The Dark/Suzie Is A Floozie" 7"    Beggars Banquet    1979
No Security     Yttrande Frihet    S/T 7"    CBR     1989
Pekinska Patka     Biti Ruzan Pametan    "Bela Sljiva/Biti Ruzan Pametan" 7"    Jugoton     1979
The Proletariat    Voodoo Economics    V/A "Unsafe At Any Speed" 7"    Modern Method    1982

SET:  Gifts
In/Humanity     Inside The Brain Of Ronald Reagan"In/Humanity Gets Killed By Robots" 7"    Raging Rose Records    1995
Inmates     Riot    "S/T" 7"    Bloodclot    1994
Maggot Sandwich     Termination    "Success Pool" 7"    KML Records    1986
No Talk     Police Mafia    "Police Mafia/A Houston Punk Is..." 7"    Psychowolf Records/Death Exclamations    2008
Reason Of Insanity     Hand In The Fire    "Live 09/30/04 on WFMU" 7"    Cowabunga Rex    2006


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