Friday, June 8, 2012

Podcast #41

Here's podcast #41

You have your choice of THREE ways to listen.
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2. Listen on Core Of Destruction Radio, streaming Tue at 9PM EST.

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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #41
Band    Song    From    Label    Year
Zefirina Bom    Cultura    demo        2012

SET:  MCR Company
Slight Slappers    Happiness    Capitalist Casualties/Slight Slappers 7"    MCR Company    1995
Contrast Attitude     You're Not Free    "Sick Brain Extreme Addict" 7"    MCR Company    2004
Hazard     Punk Addict!    "Hate! Hate! Hate!" 7"    MCR Company    2000
Idora     No More Life    "To Life" 7"    MCR Company    1991
Unwise     Sad Reality    "Get Lost" 7"    MCR Company    2000   

SET:  $1 Finds
Rattus     Feministi    "Ihmiset on Sairaita" 7"    Ann and Archie Records    1985
Rovsvett     Macho Punk    "Jesus Var En Tomte" 7"    self released, no label    1985
Raped Teenagers    Allting Ar Et Skratt I Ditt AniskteRovsvett/Raped Teenagers 7"    CBR    1989
No Pigz     Money    S/T" 7"    Nozem Records    1984
Sector Four     Jump On You    "Disclexia" 7"    Destroy    1983

SET:  Florida Favorites
We The Living     Abortion Attempt    "Carnival of Vice" 7"    Subversive Records    1985
The Eat     Communist Radio    "Communist Radio" 7"    Giggling Hilter    1979
Voodoo Idols     Do The Kirk    "Grunt Grunt/Do The Kirk" 7"    Vee Dee Records    1982
Rat Cafeteria    Kill    V/A "We Can't Help it If We're..." 7"    Destroy Records    1983
Rat Cafeteria    Tax Revolt    V/A "We Can't Help it If We're..." 7"    Destroy Records    1983
E.B.S.     Service Charge    "Cosmetic Society" 7"    One Arm Records    1991

SET:  More Florida Favorites
Jeanie And The Tits     Piss Off    "Slut Fame" 7"    Florida's Dying    2007
Runnamucks     Grow Some Fucking Balls    "Fuel For The Youth" 7"    Acrude Records    2002
Control De Estado     Ladron    "Ladron" 7"    IFB Records    2008
Cult Ritual     Unhappiness/Why Wait?    "S/T" 7"     Burrito Records    2007
Reckless Deerhunters    Stupid Rock Star    V/A "Brandon Hardcore" 7"     Burn Brandon Records    2007

SET:  It Came From A Compilation (The 7" Edition)
Tolerance    Inspired To Action    V/A "Stereonucleosis Comes To.." 7"    Stereonucleosis Records    1991
Doctor Explosion    Hey Little Girl    V/A "Teen Scene Vol 1:  Spain" 7"    Misty Lane Records   
The Hates    Brother    V/A "Rather See You Dead" 7"    Hot Box    1994
Vatican Commandos    Your World Is Flat    V/A "Make It Work" 7"    Run It    1985
Despise You    Aquí Solito    V/A "Cry Now Cry Later Vol 1" 2x7"    Theologian Records/Pessimer    1993


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