Friday, October 7, 2011

Podcast #6

Hello, Party People
Podcast #6 is ready and as usual, you have 3 ways to check it out.

1. Download it from this safe Mediafire link.
2. Just hit play on this DivShare player below and it will start right away

3. Listen on Core Of Destruction Internet Radio, Tue at 9PM EST. While you listen, join me in the chat room for play by play action and BONUS TUNES!

And now, here's the set list for this week's show:
Band Song From Label Year
Adrenalin OD Carvel Phat N Old CD Glue Records 1997

Dead Cat Lounge How To Start A Riot demo 2011
Panic Beats Bound And Gagged "S/T" LP Night Fighter Records 2011
Big Crux Boys To Men "Compromise Crisis" 7" Iron Lung Records 2011
Spectres Pattern Recognition Spectres/Arctic Flowers 7" Charged/Distorted 2011
Arctic Flowers Rats In The Walls Spectres/Arctic Flowers 7" Charged/Distorted 2011

Perdition Hangover "S/T" 7" Mountain Of Madness 2011 (NYC)
Confines Bait And Switch Withdrawn 7" Labor Of Love 2011 (MA)
Crazy Spirit In The Thick demo 2011
Insurgents Vermin Taint "Fad Cash" 7" Pederast Prophet 2011 (AUS)
Glam Cara De Mierda "S/T" 7" La Vida Es Una Mus 2011 (SPAIN)

SET: Raunch N Roll
X Home Is Where The Floor Is 7" S/T 7" Rocknroll Blitzkrieg 2000
Johnny Dole And The Leather Scabs Living Like An Animal V/A "Why March When You Can Riot?" LP Riposte Records 1985
Voodoo Idols We Dig Nixon "We Dig Nixon/Dead Air" 7" Vee Dee Records 1982
Child Molesters I'm Gonna Punch You In The Face"Wir Lieben Die" 12" Ace & Duce Records 1981
Crime "Frustration" Piss On Your Turntable ("Frustration/Murder by Guitar" 7") Bootleg CD (1977)
(baby come back)

SET: Things I Have For Trade #3
Youth Of Today Take A Stand "Can't Close My Eyes" LP Schism/Caroline Records 1988
Token Entry The Whip "Jaybird" LP Hawker Records 1988
Faith Say No More "Subject To Change" LP Dischord Records 1983
Void My Rules Faith/Void LP Dischord Records 1982
Charles Bronson Marriage Can Suck It "S/T" LP Lengua Armada Discos 1997

SET: You Like Dis Shit?
Disaffect Fast Music Doesn't Mean Violent Dancing//An Injury to One..." 7" Flat Earth Records 1992
Disagree I Refuse To Obey Disagree/Ungovernmental 7" Profane Existence 1997
Discript Glory Discript/Y 7" Anomie Records 1998
Disprove Survive Your War Disprove 7" Forrest Records 1995
Diskonto Karnvapenkrig Kraver Liv A Shattered Society" 7" Profane Existence 1997

SET: Rattus live Richmond, VA Oct 3, 2004
Rattus Maailma Ilman Vihaa
Rattus Sodan Tragedia
Rattus Taatla Tullaan Kuolema
Rattus Miks Haluat Tapella

Next week's show is gonna be a real blast, so make sure you come back.

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Sincerely, your glorious party leader,
Bob Suren

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