Friday, June 1, 2012

Podcast #40: The All request show

Here's podcast #40

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Bob Suren
PO Box 3204
Brandon, FL 33509-3204

And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #40
Band    Song    From    Label    Year
Tits    Daddy Is My Pusher    S/T 7"    Plurex Records    1978

GG Allin And The Murder Junkies    Highest Power    Brutality And Bloodshed CD    Alive Records    1993
Articles Of Faith    My Father's Dreams    What We Want Is Free 7"    Version Sound    1982
Chaos UK    Ronnie    100% Two Fingers In The Air Punk Rock    Century Media    1993
Husker Du    Punch Drunk    Everything Falls Apart    Reflex Records    1983
Dead Boys    Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth Young Loud And Snotty    Sire Records    1977

Simpletones    I Like Drugs    V/A "Posh Hits Vol 1" LP    Posh Boy Records    1983
F-Word    High Ranking Government Official Like It Or Not Live LP    Posh Boy Records    1978
Adolescents    Richard Hung Himself    Complete Demos 1980-86    Frontier Records    2005
Suicidal Tendencies    Two-Sided Politics    S/T LP    Frontier Records    1983
Final Conflict    One Answer    Ashes To Ashes LP    Pusmort Records    1997

Koro    Dear Sirs    Speed Kills LP    Sorry State Records    2006
Lipcream    In Your Mouth    V/A "Thrash Til Death" LP    Pusmort Records    1987
Hypnotics    Weird People    V/A "American Youth Report" LP    Invasion Records    1982
Ingron Hutlos    Mardrömsvision    Necrophilian Hits 7"    self-released     1984
Brain Death    Whistle    A Personal Affair 7"    Selfish Records    1987

Reckless Deerhunters    Life    Life CD    Frank Vagnozzi Music Foundation    2003
Squirm    Brooke Shileds    V/A "Big Apple Rotten To The Core" LP    SIN Records    1982
Ebba Gron    Tyst For Fan     Pro Rock 7"    Mistlur Records    1978
Chiefs    The Lonleys    Chunks    New Alliance Records    1981
Beaver    Punch Him In The Head    Trendy 7"    Choice Cuts    1981

Lixomania     O Punk Rock Não Morreu    Violência & Sobrevivência 7"    self released     1982
Negative Gain    Nuclear Winter    Back fromThe Grave LP    Pusmort Records    1986
Rorschach    Pavlov's Dogs    Remain Sedate LP    Vermiform Records    1990
S.D.S.    System Sucks    Butcher CD    bootleg   
Combat Not Conform    Skate Straight    Love LP    Destiny Records    1986

D.T.A.L.    Mistake    Time To Die 7"    Atom Records    1984
Betong Hysteria    Mitt Eget Liv    Spontan Abort 7"    self released    1982       
D.Y.S.    Circle Storm    Wolfpack LP    Taang Records    1989
The Fix    In This Town    At The Speed Of Twisted Thought LP    Touch & Go    2006

Love Canal    We Know    Hardcore Amerika CD    BCT

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