Friday, January 20, 2012

Podcast #21

Greetings, music fans
Here is podcast #21 for your listening displeasure. You have your choice of THREE ways for to listen.

1. Download it from this safe Mediafire link.

2. Just click PLAY on the DivShare player below and it will start playing immediately.

3. Listen on Core Of Destruction Internet Radio, streaming Tue at 9PM EST. While you listen, join me in the chat room for play by play action and BONUS TUNES!
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And now, here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #21
Band Song From Label Year
Damned Smash It Up "Smash It Up/Burglar" 7" Chiswick Records 1979

SET: New Stuff
Dropdead Paths Of Glory Dropdead/Converge 7" Armageddon Records 2011
Brown Sugar Cancao Da Amizade "Get Fucking Mugged" 7" flexi Feral Kid Records 2011
Weird Party Honey Slides "Honey Slides/Sarah Palin" 7" Sex And Death Records 2011
Fathead Suburbia Police State "Control The Masses" 7" bootleg 2011

SET: Random Demo Madness: Alan Moses edition part 1
Chronic Submission They're Fucked (I Hate Preppies) demo 1983 (Canada)
US Distress That Girl demo 1987 (USA)
The Dumbs School Is Fucking Boring demo 1987 (Canada)
Uniform Approach Our Hopes demo year? (UK)
Uniform Choice Thrash Rage demo 1984 (USA)

SET: Random Demo Madness: Alan Moses edition part 2
Massappeal IV Me demo 1986 (Australia)
Green Beret Violence Is Their Currency demo 2010 (USA)
Ludichrist Young White And Well Behaved demo Aug 1985 (USA)
Morax Decay demo 2010 (USA)
Neutron Rats Put Your Head In The Noose demo 2007 (USA)

SET: Rules? I'm A Rocker! I Don't Care For Rules!
Fits Too Many Rules "Too Many Rules" LP Get Back 1997
Pure Hell No Rules "These Boots Are Made For Walking" 7" Golden Sphinx 1979
B.G.K. Rules "White Male Dumbinance" 7" Vogelspin Records 1984
Void My Rules Faith/Void LP Dischord Records 1982
Black Flag My Rules "Everything Went Black" 2xLP SST 1983

SET: We Destroy The Family
Fear We Destroy The Family "The Record" LP Slash Records 1982
M.D.C. My Family Is A Little Weird S/T LP R.Radical 1982
A.M.Q.A. Family Reunion Massacre "Cats are Neat" 7" Subcore 1984
YDI I Killed My Family V/A "Get Off My Back" LP Red Music 1983
Ramones We're A Happy Family "Rocket To Russia" LP Sire Records 1977

SET: 7 Seconds live Sept 29, 1984 at the Jockey club in Newport,KY
7 Seconds Fuck Your America
7 Seconds Redneck Society
7 Seconds Fight YourOwn Fight
7 Seconds Drug Control
7 Seconds Bottomless Pit
7 Seconds In Your Face

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