Friday, December 2, 2011

Podcast #14

Here is podcast #14 and your many options for listening...

1. Download it from this safe Mediafire link.
2. Just click PLAY on the DivShare player below and it will start playing immediately.

3. Listen on Core Of Destruction Internet Radio, streaming Tue at 9PM EST. While you listen, join me in the chat room for play by play action and BONUS TUNES!
You can also find all episodes of the Punk Rock Record Party at Punk and while you are there, check out all the other shows.

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Send vinyl or CD for the podcast to
Bob Suren
PO Box 3204
Brandon, FL 33509-3204

And finally, here is the playlist for this week's show:
SHOW #14
Dictators Who Will Save Rocknroll?" DFFD" Dictators
Multi/Media 2001

SET: Mexican Hardcore That Starts With The Letter A
Antimaster El Abandonado Antimaster/Give Up All Hope LP 2007
Anarchus Supreme Creation "500 Years Of Infamy" 7" Gothic Records 1991
Atoxxxico Puerco Policia Punks De Mierda 7" Discos Rosenbach 1987
Anti-Gobierno No Obtendremos Paz V/A "Mexicompilation" CD
Anarkia Desarme Nuclear "Censurado" demo 1989

SET: Recent Finds
Q4U Gonna Get You V/A "Rokk Í Reykjavík" 2xLP Hugrenningur 1982
Asexuals Up Close "Contemporary World" LP Psyche Industry 1985
DA 1:28 "Exclamation Point" LP Factory 25 Records 2010
T.S.O.L. Sounds Of Laughter "Dance With Me" LP Frontier Records 1981

SET: And More Recent Finds #2
Klark Kent Don't Care "S/T" 10" IRS Records 1980
Wreckless Eric Veronica "Big Smash"2xLP Stiff Records 1980 (1977)
Hard Ons Kill Your Mum "Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts" LP Taang Records 1989
Code Of Honor People's Revolution Code Of Honor/Sick Pleasure LP Subterranean Records 1982
Sick Pleasure Herpes Virus Two Code Of Honor/Sick Pleasure LP Subterranean Records 1982

SET: Fun With Flexis
Desecration Who's In Control? "Who's In Control" 7"+flexi TPC Records 1987
Atrocious Madness Keep Watching The Skies S/T 6" flexi Atrocious Records
Dead Cops I Hate Work "Kill The Cops" 7" flexi ADK Records 1984
Heresy Anguish Of War "Never Healed" 7" flexi Earache Records 1985
Dead Person M.D.I. "No Mercy" 7" flexi Stomping Record 1987

SET: Fun With Flexi compilations
Crucial Section Do As You Feel/Crucial Section V/A "Bandana Thrash Vol. 1" 7" flexi
625 Productions 1999
S.O.B. Slap In The Face V/A "Pusmort Sampler" 7"+flexi Bacteria Sour 1987
Civil Dissident Tell Me TheSolution V/A "Putrid Evil" 7" flexi no label 1985
Nibbles Outcast V/A "Shizuoka City Hardcore" 7" flexi MCR Company 1993
GJPB Guaranteed Society V/A "Tokyo Santama City Hardcore" flexi MCR Company 1999

Larm Too Old Larm/Stanx LP 1984

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