Friday, December 23, 2011

Podcast #17

Hi, punks and thrashers
Time to rock out to podcast #17 and THREE ways for you to listen.

1. Download it from this safe Mediafire link.
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And now here is the play list for this week's show:
Show #17
Band Song From Label Year
Ralph Neilsen AndThe Chancellors Scream V/A "Back From The Grave Volume 2" LP Crypt Records 1983 (1962)

SET: Raw 70s punk!
Albertos Y Lost Trios Paranoias Kill "Snuff Rock" 7" Stiff Records 1978
Deadbeats Kill The Hippies "Kill The Hippies" 7" Dangerhouse Records 1978
Pure Hell Noise Addiction "Noise Addiction" LP Welfare Records 2007
Killjoys Johnny Won't Get To Heaven"Johnny Won't Get To Heaven" 7" Raw Records 1977

SET: Toxic Shock label
Massacre Guys Cold Storage V/A "Barricaded Suspects" LP Toxic Shock 1983
Corrosion Of Conformity Rabid Dogs "Eye For An Eye" LP Toxic Shock/No Core 1984
Raw Power State Oppression "Screams From The Gutter" LP Toxic Shock 1985
Dayglow Abortions Dog Farts "Feed Us A Fetus" LP Toxic Shock 1986
Zero Boys Civilization's Dying "Vicious Circle" LP Toxic Shock 1987

SET: Toxic Shock mailorder
Justice League Use Your Own Head "Think Or Sink" 7" Fartblossom Records 1985
Scared Straight School II S/T 7" Mystic Records 1985
Pillsbury Hardcore Heavy Phuckin' Metal "In A Straightedge Limbo" 7" Fartblossom Records 1985
Blood Farmers Cranked Up S/T 7" Gravel Voice Records 1985
Roach Motel Brooke Shields Must Die "What The Hell..." 7" Destroy Records 1984

SET: Over The Counter
Germs Lexicon Devil "Lexicon Devil" 7" Slash Records 1978
Misfits Horror Hotel "3 Hits From Hell" 7" ( Plan 9 Records 1981
Gang Green Terrorize "Sold Out" 7" Taang Records 1984
Toxic Reasons War Hero "Independence" LP Risky Records 1982
Mob Crucial Point "Upset The System" 7" Mob Style Records 1982

SET: The previous decade
Caustic Christ "Can't Relate" Can't Relate LP/CD Havoc Records 2003
Knights Of The New Crusade "Cowards Of Christiandom" A Challenge To The Cowards Of Christendom LP/CD Alternative Tentacles 2006
Gorilla Angreb Astma "S/T" 7" Kick N Punch Records 2004
State Noise Complaint "All Wrong" LP Underestimated Records 2006
Race Against Time Wasted Life "Depths Of The Ant Bed" 7" Burrito Records 2004

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  1. yet another kick ass show - keep 'em coming!!!! Play some Discharge hehehe