Friday, November 25, 2011

Podcast #13

Podcast #13 is ready for your perusal. Here's how to peruse it.

1. Download it from this safe Mediafire link.
2. Just click PLAY on the DivShare player below and it will start playing immediately.

3. Listen on Core Of Destruction Internet Radio, streaming Tue at 9PM EST. While you listen, join me in the chat room for play by play action and BONUS TUNES!

You can also find all episodes of the Punk Rock Record Party at Punk and while you are there, check out all the other shows.

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Send vinyl or CD for the podcast to
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And finally, here is the playlist for this week's show:
SHOW #13
Band Song From Label Year
D-Clone We Make Next Generation V/A "Nagoya City Hardcore" LP Prank Records 2010

SET: Prank Records
Jabra (Japanese title) "Why We Wish" 12" Prank Records 2002
Morpheme Hazama "Ounou No Rensa" 7" Prank Records 2009
Paintbox Cry Of The Sheeps "Cry Of The Sheeps" 7" Prank Records 2004
Sunday Morning Einsteins Det Ar Synd Om Dom Rika "Det Ar Synd Om..." 7" Prank Records 2003
Uutuus Tulevaisuus "Everything's Shit" 7" Prank Records 1997

SET: New Stuff#1
Garmonbozia "No Free Ride" UPCOMING LP Nightmare Reality Records 2011
Kismet HC "Botox Beauty" Songs Of Strife CD Active Distribution 2011
Kismet HC "Less Than Men" Equality CD-R Active Distribution 2011
Cemetary "Grave Dance" demo 2011

SET: Houston In The 80s
Really Red The Fee "Teaching You The Fear" LP C.I.A. Records 1981
S.N.O.T. No Justice "Slaughterhouse" 7" KML Records 1986
D.R.I. Money Stinks "Dirty Rotten E.P." 7" Rotten Records 1983
Stark Raving Mad Capitalist Cunts "Amerika" LP (Slob Records) Nuclear Blast (1984) 1988
Mydolls Exorcism A World Of Her Own 2xCD (S/T 7") Grand Theft Audio (C.I.A. Records) 2007 (1982)

SET: Mexican Hardcore Numero Dos
Massacre 68 Elecciones "No Estamos Conformes" LP 1989
Solucion Mortal Matas Las Chotas V/A "All For One... One for All" CD Grand Theft Audio 1995
Histeria Nunca Massacre 68/Histeria LP picture disc Cryptas Records 1998
Xenophobia Barrios Marginados Prisoneros LP no label 1989
MELI Sin Patria "Tu Vida" CD Speed State Records 2005

SET: Let's listen to some Oi!
Histeria Quem Voces Pensam Que Somos V/A "Um Grito De Uniao" LP Vulture Rock 1995
Colera Alucinado "Pela Paz Em Todo Mundo" LP Devil Discos 1986
No Tag No Tag V/A "Still Hate Your Friends" 7" Bootleg 1999 (1982)
Discocks O.P.D.L. V/A "Transition Period" 7" MCR Company 1998
Blitz Someone's Gonna Die Tonight "All Out Attack" 7" No Future 1981

White Pigs Dropout S/T 7" Mystic Records 1987

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